Black Box Security. Unboxed.

Our philosophy is to enable everyone to defend themselves against cyber threats of increasing sophistication. We accomplish this by codifying our expertise in products that improve the utility and effectiveness of open-source security software and encourage trustworthy, community-supported detection and response.

Meet The Team

  • Jason Meller Chief Executive Officer
  • Mike Arpaia Chief Security Officer
  • Zach Wasserman Principal Engineer
  • Fritz Ifert-Miller UX
  • Victor Vrantchan DevOps
  • Kyle Knight Senior Front-End Engineer
  • John Murphy Lead Platform

In Our Corner



Kolide’s seed investment was lead by Hack/Secure member, investor, and serial entrepreneur Dustin Willis Webber (@mephux). Dustin has built a legendary reputation in the infosec community for his numerous key open source contributions, building the first cloud endpoint and forensics company, and his iconic interface design.

Kolide is backed by Hack/Secure, founded by entrepreneur and prolific investor Chris Lynch, (@lynchbigdata). Hack/Secure is a syndicate run by preeminent and successful cyber security leaders who invest directly into promising new ideas and teams. We also have the support of strategic angels and advisors on the Hack/Secure board including CEO and co-founder of Critical Stack, Liam Randall (@hectaman).